Move/Recover Offscreen Window

December 16th, 2012 by Kristy Leave a reply »

I am reposting information I found on a  forum:

Dave Bishop posted……Windows 7 has a cool new feature that should help.  Click the icon in the taskbar to ensure that the program has focus. Then hold down the Windows key and press the right-arrow a few times. That should move the window across your screens and eventually bring it back onto the screen that is still active.

“if I could” posted a solution for Windows XP

To “move” a window from offscreen, do the following:

  1. Click the application in question on the task bar (needs to have focus and be in a restored state)
  2. Move your cursor above the task bar until the thumbnail image appears
  3. Right-click on the thumbnail image (you will be presented with the option menu, one of which is “Move”)
  4. Select the “Move” option
  5. Left-click-hold on the desktop and drag the window into view

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